We have made a giant leap into the export industry with our innovative and personalized approach. We spot out USA manufactured products which include food, textile, footwear, renewable energy products and export them to various US FTA countries.


Looking for hassle free import? Why worry when we are here! We assist you in all your import requirements ranging from raw materials to finished goods as per your demand. Our powerful partnership with the factories and suppliers in South Asian countries will give way for a smooth trade.


Our end to end services in rendering Global and Strategic sourcing will leave you spell bound. Your procurement needs such as identifying the exact company, cost analysis, negotiations and contract finalization will be taken care of by our experienced team. Our expert workers will further assist you in quality check and arranging factory visits too.


Thisai defines global logistics by providing a comprehensive approach to your logistical needs by making you free of all complications related to moving your shipment may it be domestic or international. Our exclusive partners who are air/sea freight movers are right at your service and we relieve you off all qualms related to documentation, warehousing and customs brokerage.



We assist you in sourcing goods across geopolitical boundaries by providing global and strategic sourcing thus leveraging our business to a different level.

Our dedicated partners with their hands-on approach in strategic and global sourcing will make sure all your procurement needs are met. Our holistic strategic partnership is specifically customized to meet our clients’ individual needs.

Strategic Sourcing

Our enthusiastic working team will guarantee customer satisfaction by putting forward detailed analytical data on all the aspects of strategic sourcing such as estimation of company’s spending, supply market analysis, summation of expenditure, supplier identification, sourcing strategy development, negotiations, contracting and implementation. Our associates not only help implementing the contracts but also render constant support until the freight is delivered at the destination.

Global Sourcing

Our established workforce possessing knowledge on a wide range of suppliers will help reduce global efficiencies like low cost skilled labor, low cost raw material and other economic factors like tax breaks and low trade tariffs. Owing to our centralized procurement strategy, we proactively integrate and coordinate common items and materials and suppliers worldwide.


Thisai LLC has ascertained worldwide relationships with reliable and experienced global sources that deliver quality products at competitive prices. The result is greater efficiency and increased profits for our clients.

We have strong affiliation with dealers in leading trade nations of South Asia.  Our service and expertise in import sector will cast everlasting impression in the minds of our valuable customers. Our able work-force has taken import division to the next level by executing all technicalities of global import in the best possible way.  We assist risk-free trading by identifying the best possible suppliers and distributors and help you get your stuff routed may it be raw materials, finished goods, machinery or spare accessory.


No material is said to be in right condition, unless it is securely and safely transported. At Thisai, we have the resources, people and expertise to help your freight transported and free you off all related worries. Our fully customizable and effective logistics model is sure to persuade you to be our forever customer. Ours is a comprehensive supply chain management firm tailored so as to meet all your logistic needs such as:

  • Transportation

We offer an array of unbeatable freight routing options, thus gaining customer satisfaction. Our worldwide network of carriers grants you cost effective, persistent, flexible and reliable air, sea and domestic freight service. Our transportation options for special shipments to safely transport your most sensitive materials are noteworthy.


  • Warehousing

We assure best-in-class supply-chain visibility via our proprietary warehouse management system. Our warehouse systems assimilate directly with asset tracking and inventory management programs, allowing you to coordinate and manage your entire supply chain from a single interface.


  • Freight Forwarding

Our esteemed organization is more than happy to propose a full portfolio of freight forwarding solutions to our clients. Our logistics specialists can help you categorize a mode of transport that fits the required timetable with the quality of service you demand from a freight forwarder.


  • Customs Brokerage

We assure direct lines of communication with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other government agencies to make sure shipments are classified correctly and paperwork is processed in a timely fashion.


  • Project Management

We render scalable project-based solutions for clients in a number of industries. Our strategic footprint, distribution network and resource pool permits us to offer global supply-chain solutions to clients with exceptional transportation, warehousing and distribution needs.


We, the Thisaists boast about our ability in working collaboratively with numerous companies in the US which has helped us identify a number of US made products. Our long clientele of businesses has generously helped us reach heights in this industry and has taken our company to the top notch. Our expertise in handling export trade business can be compared to any big export company in the US.

You can take us for granted in assisting you with all your export needs. Call us or email us! We are right there to serve you in best possible way. A few of the several products we export to other nations are footwear, renewable energy products & solutions, textiles, food, agriculture etc.