Our Story

Our story

Thisai LLC laid its baby steps into the vast arena of global logistics a year ago on January 8, 2015 laid by a young entrepreneur Ramalingam Subramaniam. He is a pro in emerging as one of the best trade solution provider. Thisai’s history is in fact backed by 80 years. The cornerstone for Thisai was established by Ramalingam’s grandfathers both of whom, one was a logistics operator and the other an industrialist. He is now the owner of Thisai and has a couple of eminent employers committed to work for the benefit of its customers. The company’s name “THISAI” means “DIRECTION” in Tamil – the oldest surviving language in the world. Our logo represents all the 16 directions in a compass and its blue color represents the color of sea and air route. Thisai LLC (Thisai), was inspired by “Thisai Ayirathi Ettu Ainootruvar” a 10th Century Tamil Trade Organization that actively spread International Trade across South Asian Pacific region, China and Middle East.