Export – Import


We, the Thisaists boast about our ability in working collaboratively with numerous companies in the US which has helped us identify a number of US made products. Our long clientele of businesses has generously helped us reach heights in this industry and has taken our company to the top notch. Our expertise in handling export trade business can be compared to any big export company in the US.

You can take us for granted in assisting you with all your export needs. Call us or email us! We are right there to serve you in best possible way. A few of the several products we export to other nations are footwear, renewable energy products & solutions, textiles, food, agriculture etc.


Thisai LLC has ascertained worldwide relationships with reliable and experienced global sources that deliver quality products at competitive prices. The result is greater efficiency and increased profits for our clients.

We have strong affiliation with dealers in leading trade nations of South Asia.  Our service and expertise in import sector will cast everlasting impression in the minds of our valuable customers. Our able work-force has taken import division to the next level by executing all technicalities of global import in the best possible way.  We assist risk-free trading by identifying the best possible suppliers and distributors and help you get your stuff routed may it be raw materials, finished goods, machinery or spare accessory.